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Our Motto - 1. Quality, 2. Reliability, & 3. Competitive Pricing.  


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Stone Bench Tops are your beautiful rock solid investments 


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Display of Natural Granite/Marble and Engineered Stones/Caesarstone/Quantum Quartz, etc.

We work within your budget and deliver your Jobs  on time the very first time and every time!!!

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OUR MOTTO: To provide our customers a one stop shop for stone bench tops with simple solutions and professional service at competitive price. We specialise in processing and installation of any type of stone bench tops. Our director is highly qualified with degrees in Bachelor of Technology and Master of Business Administration with intensive experience in working with a variety of stones for more than 10 years. We as business understand the value of providing quality workmanship with excellent pre and post sales customer care. That is why we focus on customers' needs:

1. Quality 2. Reliability & 3. Competitive Pricing.

  • Quality : We pay a lot of attention to details. For example, we always make 40mm square edge in a 20mm thick stone by mitring method so that no edge joint is visible in the front (not by conventional method of sandwich /lamination joint where a glue line is visible right in the middle of the edge).
  • Reliability : We always honour our commitment to you-thanks to our careful project planning. For example-we endeavour picking up the templates from your sites within 72 hours and commence the stone bench tops installation within a maximum of 10-12 business days from the date of template pick ups from single job sites.
  • Price Competitiveness : Our pricing structure is extremely competitive to commensurate with our reliable service and strict quality commitments. We do not offer our client opportunistic pricing like one gets in a stock market. What we offer during the Christmas season also holds good during the Easter.

Wide Range of Stones to Offer : We not only work with leading brands of engineered/reconstituted quartz stones such as Caesarstone and Quantum Quartz, etc. but also offer a variety of natural stone tops in marble, granite and lime stones  that warrant special care, experience and expertise. 

Our Clientele : Domestic/Commercial Builders, Interior designers, Kitchen Cabinet makers, Private home renovators and owner builders.

Commercial and Domestic Projects : Our workers are well equipped for handling any type of project whether it is large commercial project that requires careful project planning, import logistics and management or a small domestic renovation that needs flexibility and special care.

One Stop Shop : We source, supply, manufacture, deliver and install the products from start to finish for your projects. 

Design solutions: Where required, we provide our customers with valuable design related advice to enhance the looks of the stone tops at minimal cost options.



  • Stone Kitchen Bench tops.
  • Bathroom vanity tops.
  • Fireplace mantel and hearth.
  • Table and reception counter tops.
  • Barbeque/outdoor kitchen tops.


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Maintenance Guidelines 

All Stone Surfaces 

Just like our skin, all stones such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine etc. have pores that reach to the surface. As a result, stones absorb substances like water, oil, grease etc. and produce various types of stains on the surface. Marble, limestone, travertine & some granites are sensitive to day to day acidic substances, some of which are mentioned below, and being in constant contact with these substances may result in making the surface of the stone becoming burnt/dull (etched). This etching makes stone surface dull and non-shiny (honed). 

  • Vinegar 
  • Bleach 
  • Lemon and Lime 
  • Wine 
  • Coke
  • Tomato sauce 
  • Cordials 
  • Citrus based detergents (dish washing liquids)

Therefore, it is important to take proper care and precautions as mentioned below to prevent such occurrences: .

Recommended to do: 

  • Apply recommended transparent impregnation sealers (Akemi Nano Effect Stain Repellent Sealer or Lithofin MN Stain Stop) to seal the pores at least once in every two to three years (or sooner if required) on the surface as per manufacturer’s recommended instructions.
  • Mop up all spills as soon as possible by dry clean cotton. 
  • On regular basis use only water spray and cotton to clean polished surfaces.
  • Occasionally you may use recommended neutral PH cleaning agents if necessary such as Akemi Tripple Effect or Lithofin MN Easy Clean solution. 

 Not recommended to do:

  • Do not use harsh acidic or alkaline chemical cleaners containing ammonia or bleach etc.
  • Do not use abrasive materials to scrub the stone surface. 
  • Avoid keeping hot items directly in contact of stone surface. Always use coasters, mats and heat pads to keep hot items such as hot pots and pans separated from the stone surface. 
  • Granites are very hard and are quite resistant to scratching from knives and metals etc. however, generally avoid using knife and sharp objects to cut directly on the stone surface.  
  • Leaning over, sitting or standing on the stone benches is not recommended as it can lead to cracks especially at weak spots such as joints or where cut outs are made for sink or hot plates.

1. Preventive measures: 

Impregnation sealers/penetrating type sealers (We recommend Akemi Nano Effect Stain Repellent Sealer or Lithofin MN Stain Stop) are absorbed deep into the stone surface and line the pores. This makes the surface of the stone much more repellent to water, oil & greasy substances and longer lasting as compared to other film type sealers available in the market. You should still always try to mop up spills quickly to minimise the risk of staining. Make sure the impregnation is certified foodsafe and applied correctly. Impregnations will not protect against acid etching, however, it will assist against staining and will ease maintenance. Always clean the stone surface thoroughly, dry it and make sure it is dirt free before applying sealers with a soaked cotton cloth. Protect your hands by wearing gloves and leave the sealers for at least half an hour to let it absorb in the pores of stone and then wipe it clean before start using the stone surface again.  

2. Maintenance: 

 Use water, gentle, neutral cleaners and soft cloths for daily care. Always follow up cleaning by wiping down with a dry clean cloth to avoid streaking. We recommend -Akemi Triple Effect or Lithofin MN Easy Clean for the daily/weekly cleaning of your work surface. It cleans, gives a fresh sparkle & maintains the stones integrity. The small amount of impregnation contained in these products will top up the protection and will fill any weak spots that may occur from contact with aggressive substances. It is also food safe so nothing to worry about.  

3. Corrective Measures: 

Use only professional help for such corrective measures if anything goes wrong. Your natural stone is a timeless and beautiful investment, so treat it as part of your prestigious décor and look after it.  

For any support and advice please call our customer care on 1300366903. 


Daniel Mazzei ,Director, Better Living Group



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